What To Ask When Leasing A Water Truck?

Great! You have obtained a job and are currently assembling the rental equipment required to start your job. This likely consists of dozers and excavators– but additionally a water truck. With over 3,000 heavy equipment rental companies in Australia, you will certainly find some options. But before you ink on the dotted line, there are some essential topics to think about to guarantee you make the very best choice for your task. This post will certainly unload the questions you need to ask your equipment business when renting out a water truck.

What overall size water trucks do you carry?

Water trucks come in a range of dimensions relying on your demands. Whether you need a tiny water truck for a municipal project or a larger one to sprinkle a gigantic construction site, make certain to ask about the alternatives offered. Leasing a water truck starts as little as a 2,000-gallon on-highway vehicle to a 10,000+ gallon off-road water truck.

Exactly how is the water truck set up?

Only some water trucks are set up the same way. If your work requires a top-mounted water cannon, contact the company you are speaking to. Furthermore, if you have an operator that has actually never ever driven a standard transmission, make sure you communicate that. And if your water truck calls for spray or fill tubes, inform the provider you are dealing with.

How many hours are you allowed a month?

Different companies make use of different hour limitations on their rentals. See to it you understand many hours of use you are permitted per month. If you are planning on working double shifts or figure out you will surpass your month-to-month restriction make an effort to work out that in advance, so there are zero surprises.

Exactly how is overtime billed?

If you understand there is a chance of going beyond the hours, you will would like to know just how overtime is charged. Some business charge in between 70%-150% of the prorated per hour price for overtime usage, however recognizing the advance price makes certain everything is predictable.

Exactly how is precautionary upkeep dealt with?

Figuring out who is in charge of preventative maintenance is important. If the customer is reliable, it often ends up being an unexpected expense you ought to have budgeted for.

Just how are major fixings dealt with?

Like precautionary upkeep, understanding exactly who is accountable for major fixings can help you prevent unexpected expenses. It is likewise important to comprehend if a repair service is needed and just how fast the service will be able to act.

What is your water truck schedule?

The best business or price in the world only matters if the rental business has trucks readily available. Over the past few years, water truck use has tended to be very high. This suggests lots of rental companies usually have their machines out working and otherwise unavailable.

What is the gas mileage (hours)/ age?

Age as well as gas mileage can vary substantially when leasing a water truck. Make sure you know what you are sending out to your job by asking what the age and mileage of the truck are in advance. This will ensure you obtain the water truck that your job requires.

Planning to Get a Water Truck?

Whether you require a water truck for a month or a lengthy commitment, we are thrilled to assist your company.

To learn more regarding water trucks with a company that can offer you with the water trucks as well as support your need, get in touch with us today!

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