How to Play Cricket: Rules and Equipment – The way to play cricket is to use a wooden bat and ball. The aim of the game of cricket is to score more runs or points than the other team. At first glance, this sport is similar to rounders and softball. However, there are several differences including the way cricket is played.

Cricket is played by two teams of 11 players each. The first team is the team hitting the ball. They try to collect points by running as much as possible. Meanwhile, the other team tries to catch the ball. This is done to limit the marks created by the hitting team .

In cricket, there are five parts, each of which has different tasks and roles. The five parts are:

  • Throwing the ball (bowling)
  • Hitting the ball (batting)
  • Guarding (fielding)
  • Catching
  • Stump keeper (wicket keeper)

How to Play Cricket Sports

  • When the match starts, the guard team enters the field, then two batters enter the field.
  • Both batters stand in front of their respective stumps which are above the field or pitch. The positions of the two hitters are opposite each other.
  • The first batter is ready to hit the ball and the second batter is ready to run to the other end of the stumps, namely towards the first batter. Then, run back if the ball has not been taken by the fielding team.
  • If one of the batters dies, they are replaced by another batter and so on. A dead hitter cannot hit again.
  • Each hitter tries to hit as many balls as possible to collect as many points as possible.
  • After that, team A and team B exchange positions. Team B keeps the ball and team A hits the ball.
  • If one team gets a higher score than the other team, then that team is said to have won during the transfer (over).
  • However, if team A hits the ball and all the batsmen are out before the over is determined, then the game is over and positions are exchanged.
  • Team B hits and chases the points collected by team A to win the game.

Cricket Rules

The rules in the game of cricket aim to facilitate the running of the match. Each player must comply with the rules that have been set in this game while clean house. In cricket, each team consists of:

  • Team captain: responsible for determining the strategy and players who take to the field at the start of the match.
  • Batsman: responsible for hitting the ball. Each hitter has two opportunities to hit the ball, then is replaced by another teammate. If one batter fails, he must leave the field and be replaced by another player.
  • Bowler: responsible for throwing the ball.
  • Fielders: have the role of catching balls hit by opposing players. If you successfully catch the ball, the hitting team will not score or run.
  • Wicket keeper: just like fielders, wicketkeepers are responsible for catching balls that cannot be hit by the batsman. The position of the wicket keeper is behind the batsman. Then, in front of the cricket goal in the form of three sticks standing parallel behind the bat.
  • Mid on and Mid off: is the batsman’s right hand which is on the left (mid off) and right (mid on).
  • Gully, tasked with catching the ball before it rolls further and opens up opportunities for opposing players to run. Its position is behind the player who serves as slips.
  • Slips: four people standing parallel behind the goal on the offside, between the area of ​​the ball hitter and the third man.
    Long on and Long off: are to the left of the bowler (long on) and to the right of the bowler (long off).

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