Carel van Mander has written:

‘Den grondt der edel vry schilder-const’ — subject(s): Painting, Technique, Early works to 1800

‘The lives of the illustrious Netherlandish and German painters, from the first edition of the Schilder-boeck (1603-1604)’ — subject(s): Painters, Biography

‘De kerck der deucht’

‘Karel van Mander’ — subject(s): Catalogs

‘Dutch and Flemish painters’ — subject(s): Biography, Flemish Painters, Painters, Painters, Flemish

‘Schilderboek’ — subject(s): Biography, Dictionaries, Dutch Painters, Flemish Painters, French, German Painters, Painters, Painters, Dutch, Painters, Flemish, Painters, German

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